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Frederick County African American Obituaries [See our Research page for Dr. David Wallace’s Death and Burial Database of over 7,000 entries!]
Obituaries were obtained using the Historical Newspaper files available through The two newspapers searched were the Frederick Post and the Frederick News. The date ranges covered were:

The Frederick Post (Frederick, Maryland): 1913-48, 1950-57, and 1959-77

The News (Frederick, Maryland): 1883-1917, 1919-38, 1942-44, 1947-56, and 1958-77

Additional obituaries likely have appeared in other newspapers, e.g. the Carroll County Times, but searchable historical files of other newspapers of the region are not presently available.

Obituaries were found by using search terms related to the involved church, cemetery, and in some cases region. For example, Keys Chapel and Oldfield. In a few cases obituaries are included where the funeral service was held at the church, but burial was in a cemetery other than the one associated with the church. Such cases are so noted.

Click on the links below to obtain a file of obituaries related to a particular cemetery.

Please respect the copyright privileges of the sources of the actual obituary images. They are for individual use only, and are not to be used for any commercial purpose without first obtaining permission of the owners.

Keys Chapel Cemetery File contains alphabetical list, chronological list, obituaries (chronological order)