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Keys Chapel M.E. Church Cemetery

Lat: 39° 29′ 56″N, Lon: 77° 11′ 28″W

West side of Keys Chapel Road, approximately 0.2 mile north of intersection with Coppermine Road. Data collected July – October, 2011 by R.H. Smith

Keys Chapel Cemetery, Oldfield, Frederick County, MD

for tombstones w/ more than one name, names in ( ) are other names on tombstone

First NameLast NameBirthDeathCommentsHave Obituary
LaviniaBiggusca 18386/2/1916aged 78 yrs
Mary EBiggus186719352 on one stone (Summerfield)
Myrtle LBiggus189619561
SummerfiledBiggus186019372 on one stone (Mary E)
Vallie ViolaBiggus7/13/18892/28/19741
Walter LeroyBiggus5/9/18873/17/1888son of Summerfield & Lizzie / aged 10 mos 8 days / Baby (birth date calc'd)
Agnes MayBraxton12/1/19077/24/2006
Ernest HBraxton3/3/190910/2/1950PFC QM WWII1
Betty JBrown12/5/1930no death date
Edith MBrown1/13/18946/27/1903aged 9 yrs 5 mo 14 da; "Her end was peace"
Gloria AnnBrown4/3/192510/1/20031
Laura VBrown4/28/18593/28/1905
Ruth MBrown18931977
Samuel J SrBrown11/20/19177/6/1988US Army WWII
William TBrown8/29/19153/23/1982PFC US Army WWII
William TBrown18821918
Clara S.Bruner7/26/18662/19/1898wife of James H Bruner / aged 31 yr 6 mo 24 da (birth date calc'd)
Albert ECoates7/12/187311/16/1901aged 28 yrs 4 mo, 4 da (birth date calc'd)
Charles CCurry18881923
Joseph CCurry18851958
Anna RDavis12/9/190211/1/1957
HarrietDickersonca 181811/6/1900aged 82 yrs
Sarah MDunson18871970
Alice LuveniaDuppins9/6/188610/29/19711
Clarence CDuppins8/6/18846/7/19471
EvelynDuppins19091975Evelyn Nellie in obit1
John WesleyDuppins18441924
Maggie CDuppins10/15/18966/25/1965Maggie Jeanette in obit1
Sarah Jane E.Duppins5/10/184410/3/1904wife of Singleton Duppins, aged 60 yr 7mo 7 da
Singleton CDuppins2/11/18463/22/19281
Sylvan JDuppins10/16/19166/20/1943Pvt 306 Inf WWII; Sylvan Joseph in obit1
William NDuppins10/4/19275/2/1986Air Force Korea
Carson DFisher3/15/18908/22/1908son of TE & MJ Fisher, aged 18 yrs 5 mo, 7 da (birth date calc'd)
Charles R.Fisher12/1/18332/23/1892
Chester OFisher190219872nd of two tombstones; 2 on 2nd tombstone (Elsie H Fisher)
Clara EFisher11/13/1967Mother; Clara Ellen in obit1
DewaldFisher12/1219152/8/1984two on one tombstone (Mable L)
Ellen LFisher1/17/19087/14/1908Dau. of T. E. & M. J. Fisher; Aged 5 mo 27 ds (birth date calc'd)
Elsie HFisher190120002nd of two tombstones; 2 on 2nd tombstone (Chester O Fisher); Elsie Hill in obit1
Elva MayFisher4/15/18852/26/19522 on one stone (John W)1
Helen L.Fisher7/15/18929/11/1897Aged 5 yr 11 mos Dau of Harry (Henry?) H & Mary Ida Fisher
IsabelleFisherDau. of Henry & Louisa Fisher / Aged about 9 yrs.[difficult to read] [definitely no dates]
John WFisher5/2/188412/22/19292 on one stone; John Wesley in obit (Elva May)1
Mable LFisher1/11/19221/11/1990two on one tombstone (Dewald)
Martha JFisher9/17/187512/12/1933
Thomas EFisherca 18673/5/1917his 50th yr
Thurston EFisher6/6/19051/18/1946
Tommy GFisher3/1/18997/1/1900Son of Edward & Maria Fisher / Aged 1 yr 4 mos (birth date calc'd)
William ChesterFisher4/23/19214/5/19221st of two tombstones; "son" (adj to Chester & Elsie Fisher tombstone)1
AmbroseHill1/23/19185/4/19822 on same stone (Gladys V)
AnnieHill185119292 on same stone (William H)1
Bertha EHill11/5/18842/13/1892Little Bertha sleep
Charles GHillca 187110/8/18983 on tombstone; aged 27 yrs (Fillmore & Eliz. Fisher)
ElizabethHill--3 on tombstone; no date info (Fillmore & Charles G)
Elizabeth LHill18651937Elizabeth Irene in obit 7/22/19371
FillmoreHillca 185410/16/1896aged 42, 3 on tombstone (Charles G & Elizabeth Hill)
Gladys VHill1/31/19175/2/19922 on same stone; his (Ambrose) wife
John WHillca 18641/31/1919his 55th yr
Rosa HHill11/13/18822/17/1937
William HHill185019382 on same stone; William Henry in obit 4/5/38 (Annie)1
William WHill7/9/18718/21/1896
Wm AHill18671938
Charles HHobbs9/9/18803/19/1906Father husband of Effie L Hobbs
Marian LHobbs2/13/1903Dau of Chas. H & Effie L Hobbs, Aged 10 mo 13 da (birth date calc'd); "Our Darling Angel / Beautiful, lovely she. But given a bud to earth to blossom in Heaven"
Mary JHobbs12/15/19035/18/1904Dau. of Chas. H & Effie L Hobbs, Aged 4 mo 23 da [birth date calc'd]
Simeon FJohnson8/10/187112/19/1965Simeon E in obit?1
Jane EKelly18951934
O BKennard19211975Odrian B in obit1
Charles C.Key6/30/18927/17/19692 on one tombstone (Martha M)1
Ellen JKey1/2/18295/4/1922aged 93 yr, 4 mo, 4 da; Ellen Jane in obit1
Florence EKey4/18605/28/1915Wife of John H. Key, age 55 yr, 1 mo; birth date calc'd
John HKey1856
Martha MKey7/11/18944/6/19792 on one tombstone (Charles C)
Rev JohnKey1/27/18329/11/1901
MaryKey Jones Owens1/4/19181/24/1999
Margaret IsabelleKeyes1/18/19054/20/1977
V.A. (beneath that, Fred K)Lough4 inscriptions on tombstone;+ this one, possibly tombstone maker? Not a burial?
Theodore RMagruder9/7/19048/2/1976US Army WWII
CharlesMathews12-Julno year, aged 91 yr 3 mo 11 da; death date needed
Lewis HParker5/15/18389/15/1914aged 76 yr 4 mo (date calc'd)
M. RosalieRichardson3/10/18617/6/1902aged 75 yrs
AndrewRichardson18131888Aged 73 years
CharlotteRichardson5/6/186710/16/1934wife of Charles C Richardson
LauraRichardson18661921wife of Richard Richardson; "As a wife devoted / As a mother affectionate / As a friend ever kind and true"
Richard WRichardson8/4/18591/22/1917aged 57 yr 5 mo 18 da (birth date calc'd)
Senora BRoss3/14/19166/2/1946Wife of Roy E. Ross; Senora Brown in obit1
LewisSavoyca 18812/6/1911aged about 30 yrs (birth year calc'd)
MariaSmith18511937two on same tombstone (Rachel Webb); Maria Elizabeth Valentine in obit1
NettieStanton11/8/189612/6/1955Nellie in obit1
Henry EStewart9/2/18891/4/19432 on one stone (Martha E)1
Martha EStewart8/5/18895/28/19772 on one stone (Henry E)1
G. E.Thomas6/1/18863/12/19154 inscriptions on tombstone (Grover W, George W, John W)
George WThomas9/11/18583/1/19234 inscriptions on tombstone (Grover W, John W, G.E.)
Grover WThomas11/8?/18938/3/18944 inscriptions on tombstone (George W, John W, G.E.)
John WThomas6/19/18959/6/18954 inscriptions on tombstone (Grover W, John W, G.E.)
E. VirginiaValentine12/16/18882 on one stone (William E)
HenriettaValentineca 18292/16/1891wife of Richard Valentine Aged 62 yrs; birth date calc'd
RichardValentine11/30/18675/17/1892Aged 24 yr 5 mo 17 da (birth date calc'd)
William EValentine7/30/18872 on one stone (E. Virginia)
William MValentine1/2/1934PVT1
RachelWebb18911930two on same tombstone (Maria Smith)
FannieWhite18401924wife of Phillip White
Phillip PWhite3/17/18358/4/1910