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Elizabeth Anderson Comer


Elizabeth is an archaeologist and historian with more than 32 years experience. She currently serves as president of CFHS. She has successfully managed projects totaling more than $10.5 million including the current DNA research being undertaken at the African American cemetery as well as “Recovering Identity”, the northern Frederick County African American architectural and memory landscape study.

Beverly Hoke

Second Vice President

Beverly is a retired Wells Fargo employee . She is a 4th generation resident of Catoctin Furnace, born in the first house below the Iron Furnace. After WWII her family relocated to the Collier Log House. In about 1956 they bought a small newer home just across the road. After graduating high school , she married and eventually bought what is now the Miller, Hoke  house!

Beverly brought her young Grandson to the meetings before he could walk. As he grew, he became a volunteer for many festivals, I believe, his first one was when he was 5.

Ken Brink

Vice President

Ken has a BA in History and Masters degree in Business. He is a certified inspector for the City of Rockville MD. He currently serves as Vice President of CFHS and also works for the Maryland Historic Trust as a Grant Panelist.  He is the owner of the Stitley Reed House in Catoctin Furnace, listed on the National Historic and Frederick County Historic registries.

Stephen Dill

Third Vice President

Stephen Dill currently serves as one of the vice-presidents of CFHS.  Steve is the blacksmith at Monocacy Forge, Frederick, MD.  He has over 20 years of experience as a blacksmith and from that experience helped to design and oversee the building of the blacksmith shop at CFHS.


Anne Comer


Anne is a Cultural Anthropologist working in heritage project management and museum interpretation. I received my B.A. from Bard College in May 2019, majoring in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Experimental Humanities. In December of 2022, I completed my Masters in Cultural Anthropology with a Graduate Concentration in Anthropology & Design at The New School for Social Research. She has been volunteering for CFHS since 2013. 

Elizabeth McGee



Marilyn Smith

Fundraising and Special Events

Marilyn is a retired Associate Professor of Chemistry at McDaniel College.  She is a partner in Off Track Art Gallery in Westminster where she contributes quilted items to the gallery. She also quilts for Project Linus, which donates blankets to needy children.  In addition, Marilyn helps with fundraising and special events at the Catoctin Furnace Historical Society, dedicated to preserving the history of Catoctin Village.


Crystal Emory

Ironworker Descendant Chair

Crystal “Emory” Claggett is a retired IT Specialist. I am a third great-granddaughter of Robert Patterson. I have been working on my family history for almost 50 years. Crystal grew up not knowing much about her family but having the desire to learn has given her some very rewarding experiences. Crystal feels their guidance at times as she works to sort out the many family mysteries.

Machele Jones

Board member-at-large



Dominic Curcio

Board member-at-large

Alyssa Watson

Board member-at-large


John Wilhide

Board member-at-large

John is a recent graduate from Hood college with a bachelor’s degree in History. He currently serves as an emerging professional and museum docent for CFHS. 

Christopher Gardiner

President Emeritus

Chris is president emeritus of the Catoctin Furnace Historical Society. Connected to Catoctin Furnace by generations of family history, he is a student of that history and it’s context as well as an occasional living history reenactor. Retired from a career as a travel consultant and former stock broker, Chris is currently active in stock market trading.

Board elections occur yearly during the July monthly meeting. Current and lifelong members of The Catoctin Furnace Historical Society are welcome to apply to be on the board prior to the election. Voting takes place during the July meeting.