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The Iron Trail

The 0.4 mile long Iron Trail inspires and engages visitors with the rich and complex history of Catoctin Furnace (and its diverse workers), the historic village, and the larger “furnacelands” iron making region. The interpretive trail connects visitors hiking the popular Catoctin Furnace African American Cemetery Interpretive Trail with Cunningham Falls State Park and the myriad hiking trails and resources within the park. The Iron Trail includes 13 engaging and informative waysides that provide a historically based interpretive hiking experience for all ages. As you walk, explore the “hidden” labor of the enslaved within the Ironmaster’s Mansion as well as the historic iron “bridge that moved” over Little Hunting Creek. Read about the rich history of fishing that includes multiple United States presidents. See the raw ingredients used in iron production. Cross Route 15 on a footbridge and learn about the “fractured landscape” that the current highway created. Contemplate the loss of private land and lifeways that occurred when the public parks were created. Enjoy an oral history tale about village students skipping school and bailing out a leaky rowboat on Locust Pond.