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Found here are Books, Documents, and Articles of interest to those exploring the history of African Americans in Frederick County.

Manumission Deeds of Frederick County, Maryland 1748 – 1865 (Most Recent Update 2/13/2019)
(In 2 Volumes)

This compendium is a compilation of manumission data for 3,874 slaves found in 2,376 documents in the Deed Books of Frederick County, MD from 1748 through 1865. The information is organized in two volumes. Use Volume 1 to look up a particular individual or surname, and Volume 2 to see all documents (and the individuals therein) in the chronological order written.

Volume 1, Ordered by Name
Table 1 Alphabetical by Slave Name
Table 2 Alphabetical by Owner Name
Volume 2, Chronological
Table 1 Chronological Deeds
Table 2 Supplementary Notes
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Commissioner of Slave Statistics Record: Frederick County, Maryland 1864 by Richard H. Smith, Jr.

Frederick County Population Breakdown 1790-1860

From Slavery to College Graduation Joseph Daniel Smothers was one of the first two African Americans to graduate from McDaniel College (formerly Western Maryland College). His family line stretches back four generations into the history of Frederick County Maryland to Lucy Smothers, a free Negro who lived in Petersville District, in the southern portion of the County. This article traces that remarkable history. His family tree can be found at the Genealogy link to the left, and a listing of all Maryland Smothers in the Maryland Census (1790-1850) is found under the Documents link.