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1850 – 1930 Census

Frederick County, Oldfield Area

The objective of compiling the following census data was to identify the members of the small community known as Oldfield. This community, which was primarily African American, centered on present day Keys Chapel Road, in the north central portion of what often is referred to as the Liberty Election District. On a modern map, Oldfield is a roughly 1/2 square mile area northwest of the junction of Coppermine Road and Route 31 (New Windsor Road on some maps).

Initially it was not known how large this community was, nor which individuals were a part of it. Therefore, erring on the conservative side, listings were made of black households close in the census records to a known long-time household in the community, that of John and Ellen Key and later that of his son, John H. Key and wife Ella. The result is that members of several other small black communities will be found in the following table. In some cases members of communities in Libertytown, Mount Pleasant, Linganore, and Mt. Olive will be found to be included. The community of Mt. Olive needs clarification. There were (and are) a number of Mt. Olive churches and associated communities in Frederick (and Carroll) County. The one noted here is often referred to as “near New Windsor.” In fact, the (no longer existing) church and cemetery are located at the top of a hill accessible only from Parsonage Lane near the east central tip of Frederick County.

It now appears that, through the decades, the Oldfield community consisted of something less than a dozen families living on or in close proximity to Keys Chapel Road. Given that censustakers generally collected and recorded information by going door to door, one might expect to find members of the Oldfield community within ± 10 household numbers of that of John and Ellen Key. It appears that John Key actually lived on Route 31 just south of its junction with Coppermine Road.

The Oldfield black community appears to have come into existence immediately following the Civil War. Some of its members, for example John H. Key, were slaves freed by the War. Others, however, appear to have been free prior to that time. One of the major objectives of this work is to fill in the details of the origins of this and other African American communities of the County.

View these census data below. Note that all individuals are assumed to be black unless the surname is followed by a (W). A few white households have been included in order to give additional aid in determining the geographic location of a grouping of households. The 1858 and 1873 Frederick County maps show the approximate location of many of the households at those particular times. These maps, however, do not identify which households are white and which are black.

YearHousehold #First NameLast NameAgeOccupationEstate valueBorn
1850367CharlesThomas27laborer MD
1850367LauraThomas31 MD
1850368SamuelKey80laborer MD
1850368MarthaKey60 MD
1850368AnnKey25 MD
1850368RachelKey23 MD
1850368Francis (male)Key19laborer MD
1850368StephenKey14 MD
1850368James MKey4 MD
1850368ElizabethKey11 MD
1850372JosephParker39laborer MD
1850372RachelParker39 MD
1850372ElizabethParker14 MD
1850372LewisParker9 MD
1850372AngalineParker4 MD
1850372WilliamParker2/12 MD
1850373PhilipValentine60laborer MD
1850373HannahValentine48 MD
1850373HesterValentine17 MD
1850373ElizabethValentine15 MD
1850373BasilValentine10 MD
1850373DennisPoole3 MD
1850375EphraimHerd40laborer MD
1850375HenriettaHerd49 MD
1850375Charles EHerd8 MD
1850375Sarah JHerd5 MD
1850375Thomas EHerd4 MD
1850375Mary CHerd1 MD
1850375MarthaCoale18 MD
1850375HarrietCoale24 MD
1850377John FDudderar (W)36farmer10000MD
1850377EmelineDudderar (W)35 MD
1850377Cecelia ADudderar (W)4 MD
1850377CorneliaDudderar (W)2 MD
1850378CharlesMathews35laborer MD
1850378MaryMathews41 MD
1850378James SMathews16 MD
1850378Ellen RMathews7 MD
1850378John MMathews3 MD
1850378ArdeliaMathews1 MD
1850378JennyBrown12 MD
1850379CharlesFisher55laborer MD
1850379MaryFisher43 MD
1850379James AFisher7 MD
1850379Samuel CFisher1 MD
1850380AndrewRichardson30laborer MD
1850380SharlottaRichardson28 MD
1850380Sarah JRichardson7 MD
1850380John ARichardson2 MD
1850380SusanStewart8 MD
1850380James AStewart6 MD
1850380BenjaminStewart3 MD
1850381LewisJackson35laborer MD
1850381Mary CJackson35 MD
1850381JohnJackson16laborer MD
1850381AbrahamJackson14 MD
1850381JamesJackson11 MD
1850381AugustusJackson9 MD
1850381EphraimJackson4 MD
1850381JosiahJackson2 MD
1850381DarkyHolland76 MD
1850382DavidDudderar (W)67farmer17000MD
1850382MargaretDudderar (W)56 MD
1850382Dennis WDudderar (W)32farmer MD
1850382SarahDudderar (W)24 MD
1850382EllenDudderar (W)20 MD
1850382David WDudderar (W)18farmer MD
1850382HannahDudderar (W)14 MD
1850382Samuel JDudderar (W)12 MD
1850382MargaretBarnes5 MD
1850382DennisSweadman38 insaneMD
1850383JohnJackson58blacksmith MD
1850383HannahJackson45 MD
1850383GeorgeHillman17 MD
1850383MargaretHillman12 MD
1850383SellkerkJackson4 MD
1850391JamesCarter48laborer MD
1850391CatharineCarter38 MD
1850391John HCarter27laborer MD
1850391Jefferson BCarter24laborer MD
1850391WilliamCarter23laborer MD
1850391Harriett HCarter20 MD
1850391Mary JCarter12 MD
1850391Thomas J HCarter8 MD
1850393RossThomas62laborer MD
1850393EllenThomas45 MD
1850393ElizabethThomas15 MD
1850393Mary CThomas9 MD
1850393SusannaThomas7 MD
1850394WesleySnader29laborer MD
1850394JuliannSnader32 MD
1850394Sarah ESnader7 MD
1850394Mary CSnader5 MD
1850394Asberry (male)Snader3 MD
1850394WesleySnader3/12 MD
1850399MealyMathews50 MD
1850400WilliamDorsey62laborer MD
1850400PriscillaDorsey52 MD
1850400JamesDorsey16laborer MD
1850400TericiaDorsey10 MD
1850400EmelineDorsey8 MD
1850403MargaretWashington70 MD
1850403JamesCosley27laborer MD
1850403DebraCosley26 MD
1850403John HCosley3 MD
1850403Denise JCosley1/12 MD
1850423SamuelUrner (W)53farmer10000PA
1850423SusannaUrner (W)48 MD
1850423ElliamanUrner (W)28laborer MD
1850423John SUrner (W)18laborer MD
1850423Sarah EUrner (W)14 MD
1850423Milton GUrner (W)11 MD
1850423Mary IUrner (W)4 MD
1850423LauraDorsey15 MD
1850423AlfredRoberts11 MD
1850424Jonas?Urner (W)27farmer4500MD
1850424TabithaUrner (W)27 MD
1850424JohnBatt15 MD
1850425DelilahKey35 MD
1850425JohnKey21 MD
1850425Charles GKey15 MD
1850425Rachael AParker7 MD
1850426ValentineNichodemus (W)58farmer10000MD
1850426Asberry (male)Nichodemus (W)27farmer MD
1850426SusannaNichodemus (W)27 MD
1850426Martin MNichodemus (W)18laborer MD
1850426MargarettNichodemus (W)16 MD
1850426HenryNichodemus (W)7 MD
1850426Morgan MNichodemus (W)6 MD
1850426Charles N?Nichodemus (W)4 MD
1850426Mary CNichodemus (W)3 MD
1850426AdamMyers (W)67 MD
1850427LydiaDorsey32 MD
1850428CatharineLawson47 MD
1850428LydiaLawson13 MD
1850428AmericaLawson11 MD
1850428RichardLawson9 MD
1850428LusinceaLawson6 MD
1850428CharlesDorsey53laborer MD
1850428HarrietStanton50 MD
1850431CalebDaisey45laborer MD
1850431SarahDaisey49 MD
1850431EmeliaDaisey15 MD
1850432MosesRoberts53 MD
1850432SeleniaRoberts27 MD
1850432JohnRoberts10 MD
1850432SummerfieldRoberts8 MD
1850432SamuelRoberts5 MD
1850433Carroll (male)Hammond (W)64farmer5700MD
1850433MatildaDorsey49 MD
1850433LeviniaDorsey3 MD
1850433JohnRiggs19laborer MD
YearHousehold #First NameLast NameAgeOccupationReal Estate valuePersonal EstateBorn
1860324Col ThomasHammond (W)70farmer2300013000MD
1860324ElizahGriffith (W)35 MD
1860324LuizaGriffith (W)31 MD
1860324Holly HGriffith (W)8 MD
1860324Charles HGriffith (W)5 MD
1860324Rezen HGriffith (W)2 MD
1860324PhillipHammond (W)55farm laborer MD
1860324Richard THammond (W)37farm laborer MD
1860324JoshuaLawry (W)54 MD
1860324JackKey43 MD
1860324CharlesLetters (W)48day laborer Ireland
1860324MaryLetters (W)37 MD
1860325EphraimRichardson (W)53farmer PA
1860325MarthaRichardson (W)57 MD
1860325MarthaRichardson (W)22farm laborer MD
1860325Upton HRichardson (W)23farm laborer MD
1860325Ephraim CRichardson (W)17 MD
1860325Benjamin ARichardson (W)13 MD
1860327JamesKey60farm laborer40050MD
1860327DeliahKey44 MD
1860327Charles KKey25blacksmith MD
1860327Sarah IKey24 MD
1860328AsburnNichodemus (W)37farmer5115700MD
1860328SusannahNichodemus (W)36 MD
1860328Mary CNichodemus (W)16farm laborer 30MD
1860328Mary CBrown (W)23domestic MD
1860328William WBoon (W)2 MD
1860328CharlesFisher12 MD
1860329CharlesMathews45farm laborer30012MD
1860329MaryMathews50 MD
1860329JohnMathews13 MD
1860330RobertParker26farm laborer 12MD
1860330MaryParker MD
1860330ClementineParker MD
1860330MaryParker MD
1860331AnnDorsey25 MD
1860331LouisaDorsey5 MD
1860331JohnDorsey1 MD
1860332MaryFisher53 MD
1860332JamesFisher16 MD
1860332ElizabethGriffith8 MD
1860333CharlotteRichardson32 MD
1860333SarahRichardson16 MD
1860333JohnRichardson12farm laborer MD
1860333MariaRichardson9 MD
1860333WilliamRichardson7 MD
1860333CharlesRichardson4 MD
1860333RichardWestward11/12 MD
1860333SusanStewart18servant MD
1860334SamuelUrner (W)63farmer60001000PA
1860334MiltonUrner (W)20teacher MD
1860334MaryUrner (W)14 MD
1860334GeorgeBrengle (W)15farm laborer MD
1860334RebeccaJackson50domestic MD
1860341Manny (male)Cooper64laborer400100MD
1860341ElizabethGraff22 MD
1860341WilliamCooper18farm laborer MD
1860341CeceliaCooper12 MD
1860342GeorgeSanders40laborer 25MD
1860342AnnSanders35 MD
1860342EdwardSanders19 MD
1860346HenryJohnson24 40MD
1860346HarrietJohnson20 MD
1860346JamesJohnson2 MD
1860346HannahJohnson1 MD
1860348ChristopherCoal32laborer 25MD
1860348SerenaCoal25 MD
1860348HansonCoal8 MD
1860348CharlesCoal6 MD
1860348SommerfieldCoal3 MD
1860348NathanielCoal2 MD
1860348John WCoal2/12 MD
1860349JohnOwings26laborer 25MD
1860349EmileyOwings24 MD
1860349WilliamOwings5 MD
1860349JulianOwings3 MD
1860349MarcellaOwings6/12 MD
1860349JohnOwings11laborer MD
1860351WesleySnowden41 6MD
1860351JuliaSnowden40 MD
1860351EmileySnowden22servant MD
1860351ElizaSnowden19servant MD
1860351SarahSnowden16servant MD
1860351MarthaSnowden2 MD
1860351MiltonSnowden4 MD
1860351MillyMathews50 MD
1870209RebeccaJackson68 500 MD
1870209MaryGross35housework MD
1870209AnnieJenkins10housework MD
1870406DanielBuien63Post fencer600 MD
1870406DelilaBuien68 MD
1870406Ellen LBuien5 MD
1870406Ann VBuien16 MD
1870407NelsonDowing45works on farm150 MD
1870407Mary JaneDowing31 MD
1870407BruceDowing5 MD
1870407Willie CDowing2 MD
1870409SamuelWappins45works on farm MD
1870409MaryWappins60 MD
1870410ThomasLossey25works on farm MD
1870410MatildaLossey26 MD
1870410John MLossey9/12 MD
1870411CharlesChambers44Post fencer200 MD
1870411MahalyChambers43 MD
1870411ElizaChambers8 MD
1870411Anna TChambers6 MD
1870412LeviDowing52works on farm150 MD
1870412SarahDowing51 MD
1870413EliasChambers51works on farm MD
1870413AnnaChambers50 MD
1870413AdalineChambers18 MD
1870413ElizabethChambers16 MD
1870413VerginiaChambers13 MD
1870413JulianChambers8 MD
1870414LewisBell38 MD
1870414Lydia ABell40 MD
1870414IsabellBell12 MD
1870414JosephineBell7 MD
1870414Mary FWBell2 MD
1870414Richard LPBell9 MD
1870415AlbinDavis79works on farm MD
1870415AnnaDavis60 MD
1870416RichardSanders39cooper MD
1870416Mary LSanders24 MD
1870416Mary ESanders8 MD
1870416LeonardSanders6 MD
1870417Green? (male)Diggs26 MD
1870417MariaDiggs68 MD
1870417WilliamDiggs24 MD
1870418WilliamStitely44works on farm MD
1870418ElizabethStitely49 MD
1870418EmelineStitely18 MD
1870418Anna EStitely2 MD
1870421JamesHayes40works on farm MD
1870421SusanahHayes41 MD
1870421LauraHayes10 MD
1870421LutherHayes6 MD
1870421ElijahHayes6/12 MD
1870421AnnaHayes74 MD
1870426DavidNeal50post fencer MD
1870426MariaNeal48 MD
1870426Isabelle VNeal17 MD
1870427JohnBub30works on farm MD
1870427LouisaBub23 MD
1870427Charles EBub7 MD
1870427John TBub4 MD
1870427Isaac TBub5/12 MD
1870427James EBub8 MD
1870427Joseph WBub3 MD
1870435JeremiahCurry79works on farm250 MD
1870435MaryCurry68 MD
1870439David WDudderar (W)38farmer19890200MD
1870439Margaret ADudderar (W)27 MD
1870439NettieDudderar (W)1 MD
1870439JohnBellowson (W)30works on farm MD
1870439MarthaBellowson (W)20 MD
1870439AbrahamCoal60post fencer MD
1870439John LKey13works on farm MD
1870440AndrewRichardson57 MD
1870440CharlottRichardson47 MD
1870440Charles GRichardson14 MD
1870440Richard WRichardson10 MD
1870440Charlott CRichardson5 MD
1870440Benjamin HRichardson2 MD
1870441AndrewHill48farm hand400 MD
1870441ElizabethHill42 MD
1870441LutherHill7 MD
1870442DennisSocks22works on farm MD
1870442Hannah ESocks17 MD
1870442William HSocks20works on farm MD
1870442AndrewSocks24works on farm MD
1870443JamesFisher27works on farm250 MD
1870443LouisaFisher26 MD
1870443Jamea AFisher6 MD
1870443Mary EFisher3 MD
1870443Charles RFisher2/12 MD
1870444CharlesFisher80works on farm MD
1870444WessiaFisher61 MD
1870444SamuelFisher20works on farm MD
1870445JosephMacentire37works on farm NC
1870445Jaean EMacentire21 MD
1870445Joseph AMacentire10/12 MD
1870446CharlesMathews56works on farm600 MD
1870446MaryMathews60 MD
1870446CharlesMathews6 MD
1870447CharlesDorsey75works on farm600 MD
1870447DennisDorsey26works on farm MD
1870448JohnKey68works on farm500 MD
1870448Ellen JKey42 MD
1870448James WKey18works on farm MD
1870448John HKey14works on farm MD
1870448Mary LKey10 MD
1870448IsaiahKey7 MD
1870448JosephusKey2 MD
1870453JonasUrner (W)48farmer80458441MD
1870453Tabitha RUrner (W)47 MD
1870453Susan EUrner (W)19 500MD
1870453Kansas WBiggens (W)8/12 MD
1870453SamuelUrner (W)14works on farm MD
1870453Mary TUrner (W)12 MD
1870453Kate MUrner (W)10 MD
1870453Olivia GUrner (W)6 MD
1870453Laura NUrner (W)3 MD
1870453JosiahMathews25 MD
1870453ElizabethMathews28 MD
1870457David EMiller (W)46farmer108002016VA
1870457Sarah DMiller (W)34 MD
1870457Catharine CMiller (W)12 MD
1870457Joseph GMiller (W)8 MD
1870457Nannie EMiller (W)3 MD
1870457David GrantMiller (W)4/12 MD
1870457EzraNusbaum (W)16 MD
1870457EphroemSnoden13works on farm MD
1870457IdaBrown12housework MD
1870457LauraGriffith11housework MD
1870457SusanBauchey (W)20housework MD
1870459RWSimpson (W)35farmer 1400MD
1870459ClarenceSimpson (W)11 MD
1870459ElmerSimpson (W)9 MD
1870459EdwinSimpson (W)5 MD
1870459JuliaSimpson (W)3 MD
1870459LouisaFisher (W?)17 MD
1870460RichardValentine52works on farm500 MD
1870460HenriettaValentine43 MD
1870461ThomasHammond (W)80farmer6632035000MD
1870461Richard JHammond (W)51works on farm MD
1870461MaryHammond (W)33 MD
1870462LoydGriffith (W)47farmer MD
1870462LouisaGriffith (W)43 MD
1870462Thomas HGriffith (W)15 MD
1870462Rasin FGriffith (W)19 MD
1870462MollieGriffith (W)18 MD
1870462Loyd NGriffith (W)10 MD
1870462Henry RBGriffith (W)7 MD
1870462Verginia RGriffith (W)6 MD
1870462John EGriffith (W)2 MD
1870462IsaacCoates27works on farm MD
1870462MaryCoates20 MD
1870462CharlesCoates3 MD
1870462ElizabethCoates1 MD
1870463John RMills (W)46farmer101252370VA
1870463Rachel BMills (W)38 MD
1870463Polene BMills (W)19 MD
1870463Margaret AMills (W)16 MD
1870463Howard LMills (W)12 MD
1870463Clifton MMills (W)8 MD
1870463Anna MSnowden19 MD
1870464EphrenRichmond (W)64farmer6000 PA
1870464Upton HRichmond (W)33 MD
1870464Benjamin ARichmond (W)21 MD
1870464AlfredCoats34works on farm MD
1870464EllenCoats27 MD
1870464KentonCoats4 MD
1870464Luther CCoats2 MD
1870464GraftonSmith12 MD
1870465JeremiahDavis33works on farm MD
1870465AleianDavis22 MD
1870465John WDavis2 MD
1870465Anna MDavis6/12 MD
1870467Sam DSmith (W)37farmer5440 MD
1870467Ann RSmith (W)38 MD
1870467Nettie MSmith (W)12 MD
1870467Samuel ESmith (W)8 MD
1870467Frank ESmith (W)5 MD
1870467Emma JSmith (W)8/12 MD
1870467BenjaminJackson12works on farm MD
1870468MiltonCarter (W)37farmer1260002000MD
1870468Elizabeth ACarter (W)30 MD
1870468EdithCarter (W)6 MD
1870468MiltonCarter (W)4 MD
1870468John DWright (W)24works on farm MD
1870468BakerDavis30works on farm MD
YearHousehold #First NameLast NameAgeReln to HeadOccupationable to read/writeBorn (self, father, mother)
1880104John HGreen39 laborernnMD, MD, MD
1880104LousaGreen30 ynMD, MD, MD
1880104Perry UptonGreen9 MD, MD, MD
1880104John HGreen8 MD, MD, MD
1880104May CGreen5 MD, MD, MD
1880104Wm ThomasGreen2 MD, MD, MD
1880104Florence CGreen8/12 Sep MD, MD, MD
1880112ThomasCook40 laborernnMD, MD, MD
1880112Jane RCook38 ynMD, MD, MD
1880112Susan ACook11dau MD, MD, MD
1880113SamuelKing48 laborernnMD, MD, MD
1880113CharleyKing9son MD, MD, MD
1880113ClaytonKing14son MD, MD, MD
1880114Benjamin JCarter54 laborerynMD, MD, MD
1880114WilliamCarter52bro ynMD, MD, MD
1880114CatharineCarter78mother ynMD, MD, MD
1880114Clarissa CCarter26dau MD, MD, MD
1880115AsburySnowden58 laborernnMD, MD, MD
1880115KettieSnowden50 washingnnMD, MD, MD
1880115EphraimSnowden25 laborernnMD, MD, MD
1880115MollieSnowden9 MD, MD, MD
1880115JaneSnowden15 works at home MD, MD, MD
1880116EliasKey65 laborernnMD, MD, MD
1880116HarriettKey55 ynMD, MD, MD
1880116Howard AKey9son MD, MD, MD
1880117WesleySnowden60 MD, MD, MD
1880117Julia ASnowden62 ynMD, MD, MD
1880117WarnerSnowden26son nnMD, MD, MD
1880117Mary RSnowden21dau in law MD, MD, MD
1880117Ann ESnowden1dau MD, MD, MD
1880117John WSnowden8/12son MD, MD, MD
1880120LloydHammond48 cooper MD, MD, MD
1880120Anna CHammond41 nnMD, MD, MD
1880120SingletonBarnes18 laborer MD, MD, MD
1880121SamuelBrown43 work in tannerynnMD, MD, MD
1880121Eliza JaneBrown32 MD, MD, MD
1880121Maria EBrown11 MD, MD, MD
1880121Mary EBrown9 MD, MD, MD
1880121Ann RBrown7 MD, MD, MD
1880121George ABrown7/12 Aug MD, MD, MD
1880124IsiahMurdock44 laborer MD, MD, MD
1880124CeceliaMurdock32 MD, MD, MD
1880124FlorenceMurdock8 MD, MD, MD
1880124EzraMurdock6 MD, MD, MD
1880124Minnie CMurdock2 MD, MD, MD
1880124NoahMurdock10/12 July MD, MD, MD
1880125MaryKer49 ynMD, MD, MD
1880125BertineKer2son MD, MD, MD
1880126George WDicus67 blacksmith MD, MD, MD
1880126AnnaDicus20dau MD, MD, MD
1880126CharleyDicus1gson MD, MD, MD
1880126IsaacFasset16 work at blacksmithnnMD, MD, MD
1880129SebastianHammond87 farmernnMD, MD, MD
1880129MarsillaHammond70 nnMD, MD, MD
1880129George SHammond22gsonwork on farm MD, MD, MD
1880129John THammond11gsonwork on farmnnMD, MD, MD
1880129OllieKard14 MD, MD, MD
1880130WilliamHill68 farmernnMD, MD, MD
1880130Mary JHill35wife nnVA,VA,VA
1880131Jacob LNaill (W)42 farmer MD,MD,PA
1880131Elizabeth ANaill (W)44 MD, MD, MD
1880131Fanny INaill (W)12 work at farm MD, MD, MD
1880131John ENaill (W)9 MD, MD, MD
1880131Daisey ANaill (W)4 MD, MD, MD
1880131Laura ABarnes (W)26sis in law MD, MD, MD
1880131EugeneJones19 MD, MD, MD
1880134RichardJohnson42 work in tannerynnMD, MD, MD
1880134RachelJohnson46 nnMD, MD, MD
1880138BSDudderar (W)27 farmer MD, MD, MD
1880138Cora JDudderar (W)20 MD, MD, MD
1880138Fannie SGarber (W)13 MD, MD, MD
1880138Joseph ESummerville (W)17 work on farm MD, MD, MD
1880138Chas.Pusselle (W)52 work on farm MD, MD, MD
1880140AndrewRichardson77 laborer-rofstore?nnMD, MD, MD
1880140CharlotteRichardson57 nnMD, MD, MD
1880140Charles G.Richardson24 laborer MD, MD, MD
1880140Richard WRichardson20 laborer MD, MD, MD
1880140Charlotte C.Richardson14 MD, MD, MD
1880141SingletonDuppins41 laborernnMD, MD, MD
1880141Sarah JDuppins36 ynMD, MD, MD
1880141Sarah EDuppins6 MD, MD, MD
1880141William ADuppins5 MD, MD, MD
1880141James EDuppins3 MD, MD, MD
1880141Anna M CDuppins1 MD, MD, MD
1880142JohnKey49 laborer MD, MD, MD
1880142Ellen JKey51 nnMD, MD, MD
1880142IsiahKey16 MD, MD, MD
1880142JosephusKey? MD, MD, MD
1880142Wilson MKey5 MD, MD, MD
1880143GeorgeThomas22 VA,VA,VA
1880143Mary LThomas laborer MD, MD, MD
1880143Ada J AThomas9/12 Aug MD, MD, MD
1880144AndrewHill35 laborernnMD, MD, MD
1880144ElizabethHill49 nnMD, MD, MD
1880144FilmoreHill24 MD, MD, MD
1880144Charles GHill8 MD, MD, MD
1880145WilliamBias44 laborernnMD, MD, MD
1880145Lethie?Bias55 nnMD, MD, MD
1880146Wm HenryHill30 laborernnMD, MD, MD
1880146Ann MHill29 nnMD, MD, MD
1880146Wm HHill9 MD, MD, MD
1880146Hussy CHill5 MD, MD, MD
1880146Weldon A AHill2 MD, MD, MD
1880146Margt CJones18 housekeeper MD, MD, MD
1880146Charles EJones5/12 Jun MD, MD, MD
1880147CharlesMathews63 laborer MD, MD, MD
1880147Eliza AMathews53 MD, MD, MD
1880148JosiahMacentyre49 laborernnNC,NC,NC
1880148ArdineMacentyre30 MD, MD, MD
1880148Joseph AMacentyre10 MD, MD, MD
1880148Mary HMacentyre5 MD, MD, MD
1880148Charles WMacentyre3 MD, MD, MD
1880149James AFisher36 laborer MD, MD, MD
1880149Marie LFisher35 nnMD, MD, MD
1880149Mary EFisher12 work at home MD, MD, MD
1880149Charles UFisher10 MD, MD, MD
1880149John WFisher8 MD, MD, MD
1880150DennisDorsey64 laborer MD, MD, MD
1880151AndrewHill62 MD, MD, MD
1880151ElizabethHill56 MD, MD, MD
1880151LutherHill17 MD, MD, MD
1880152JonasUrner (W)58 farmer MD, MD, MD
1880152Tabitha RUrner (W)59 MD, MD, MD
1880152Amos SUrner (W)24 work on farm MD, MD, MD
1880152Mary PUrner (W)21 work in house MD, MD, MD
1880152Olivia CUrner (W)16 work in house MD, MD, MD
1880152Laura AUrner (W)13 work in house MD, MD, MD
1880153JohnKey24 work on farm MD, MD, MD
1880153EllaKey20wife MD, MD, MD
1880153Emma CDanston17domesticdomestic MD, MD, MD
1880153John WKeeney17 work on farm MD, MD, MD
1880153ChasFisher47living with nnMD, MD, MD
1880163SarahFisher51 ynMD, MD, MD
1880163MarthaKey17daucooks at farmynMD, MD, MD
1880163SaraKey11dau MD, MD, MD
1880163Jessie LKey2/12 margdau MD, MD, MD
1880164DanielBoyer72 laborernnMD, MD, MD
1880164MaryBrooks38dauwork in housennMD, MD, MD
1880164LucinaGray16gdauwork in housennMD, MD, MD
1880164CeceliaMaduck17gdau MD, MD, MD
1880164Ola MMilbury6gdau MD, MD, MD
1880164MaggieChambers3gdau MD, MD, MD
1880164WmCox21 laborernnMD, MD, MD
1880164HenryBrooks42 laborernnMD, MD, MD
1880166David HNeale63 laborer MD, MD, MD
1880166MariahNeale60 ynMD, MD, MD
1880166James EHarps18gson MD, MD, MD
1880167JohnBudd44 laborer MD, MD, MD
1880167Louisa ABudd32 MD, MD, MD
1880167Chas EBudd16 laborer MD, MD, MD
1880167John TBudd13 MD, MD, MD
1880167Isaac TBudd11 MD, MD, MD
1880167James HBuddjun MD, MD, MD
1880168SamuelBrown72 laborer MD, MD, MD
1880168JemimaBrown37wife MD, MD, MD
1880168PerryBrown14son MD, MD, MD
1880168IsaacBrown12son MD, MD, MD
1880169ElizaChambers58 nnMD, MD, MD
1880169JosephKey21 laborer MD, MD, MD
1880169Mary CKey19wife ynMD, MD, MD
1880169E. LincolnKey10/12 aug MD, MD, MD
1880170MarcusParker26 laborernnVA,VA,VA
1880170ClementineParker23 MD, MD, MD
1880170Mary EParker2 MD,VA,MD
1880170David CParker3/12 feb MD,VA,MD
1880170MatildaLisle46living withworks aboutnnMD,VA,MD
1880170UptonHill9living with MD, MD, MD
1880171BillLewis47 laborer MD, MD, MD
1880171Anna LLewis50wife MD, MD, MD
1880171JosephineLewis17dauwork at home MD, MD, MD
1880171LaviniaLewis10dau MD, MD, MD
1880171SavillaLewis6dau MD, MD, MD
1880172LewisPatterson21son in lawlaborer MD, MD, MD
1880172Mary EPatterson23dau MD, MD, MD
1880172Sylvester (Fem)Patterson4dau MD, MD, MD
1880172Charles BPatterson3/12 febson MD, MD, MD
1880173EliasChambers57 laborernnMD, MD, MD
1880173AnnaChambers55 nnMD, MD, MD
1880173AdalineChambers27dau nnMD, MD, MD
1880173JuliaChambers22dau ynMD, MD, MD
1880173JenninChambers5dau ynMD, MD, MD
1880173JohnMaisyChambers7gson MD, MD, MD
1880173MalindaChambers3gdau MD, MD, MD
1880173EmmaChambers9/12 auggdau MD, MD, MD
1880173CliftonChambers5/12 jangdau MD, MD, MD
1880184PeterDudderar (W)54 farmer MD, MD, MD
1880184JosephineDudderar (W)52 MD, MD, MD
1880184William WDudderar (W)25 work at farm MD, MD, MD
1880184Warren EDudderar (W)18 work at farm MD, MD, MD
1880184Flor MDudderar (W)17 work at home MD, MD, MD
1880184Emma LDudderar (W)14 work at home MD, MD, MD
1880184Daisey ADudderar (W)13 work at home MD, MD, MD
1880185John HNicodemus (W)41 farmer MD, MD, MD
1880185Martha ENicodemus (W)39 MD, MD, MD
1880185+ 6 childrenNicodemus (W) MD, MD, MD
YearHousehold #First NameLast NameAgeReln to headBirth dateMarried yrstotal no. childrenchildren livingBorn (self, father, mother)OccupationAble to read or writeown or rent home
190011HannahHobbs55wdapr 1845 MD,MD,MD o
190011WeldonHill22s in lawmay 18782 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
190011RosaHill17daunov 1882211MD,MD,MD
190011ChasHill19gsonsep 1880 MD,MD,MD
190013AlphMGreenwood (W)38 oct 186112 MD,MD,MDfarmer r
190013Annie WGreenwood (W)35 jan 18651241MD,MD,MD
190013Carrie OGreenwood (W)13 may 1887 MD,MD,MD
190013JohnBeavans (W)19servantjun 1880 MD,MD,MD
190013DoraKey14servantmay 1886 MD,MD,MD
190016ChasRichardson35 mar 1865s MD,MD,MDday laborer o
190017LottieRichardson33 may 1867s MD,MD,MD o
190017Elfa MRichardson15dauapr 1885 MD,MD,MD
190017Martha ERichardson10dauaug 1889 MD,MD,MD
190017John OHill38lodgeraug 1861 MD,MD,MDday laborer
190018AlbertNicodemus (W)34 feb 18665 MD,MD,MDfarmer r
190018Beulah GNicodemus (W)25 apr 1875500MD,MD,MD
190018Chas SFisher11servantjul 1888 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
190018Jerry MHammond20servantjan 1880 MD,MD,MDservant
190019JosephKey32 sep 186712 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
190019Mary OKey26 may 18741265MD,MD,MD
190019Roxie SKey11 oct 1888 MD,MD,MD
190019Claonia A (fem)Key9 nov 1890 MD,MD,MD
190019Chas CKey5 jun 1894 MD,MD,MD
190019John W MKey3 nov 1896 MD,MD,MD
190019Aubrey B (male)Key1 sep 1898 MD,MD,MD
190020ClaudeNorris (W)25 may 18754 MD,MD,MDfarmer r
190020Laura INorris (W)27 sep 1872400MD,MD,MD
190020Grace MHauck (W)18 nov 1881 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
190020JamesDubbins22 may 1878 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
190020FrankReaver (W)14 jun 1885 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
190028SummerfiledBiggus39 jul 186015
190028Mary EBiggus32 jul 18671575MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
190028Bernard EBiggus14 aug 1885 MD,MD,MD
190028Esther ABiggus11 dec 1888 MD,MD,MD
190028Ollie JBiggus9 mar 1891 MD,MD,MD
190028Orla G (male)Biggus7 feb 1893 MD,MD,MD
190028Myrtle LBiggus3 aug 1896 MD,MD,MD
190029James HBruner39 apr 186116 MD,MD,MDschool teacher o
190029MaryBruner38 aug 18611677VA,VA,VA
190029Silian M (fem)Bruner11 nov 1888 MD,MD,VA
190029Mary JBruner9 oct 1890 MD,MD,VA
190029James ABruner7 dec 1892 MD,MD,VA
190029Ella MBruner5 may 1895 MD,MD,VA
190029Clara KBruner3 dec 1896 MD,MD,VA
190030William HHill50 apr 185019 MD,MD,MDfarm laboreryno
190030AnnieHill49 jan 18511963MD,MD,MD nn
190030Clifton HHill25 jan 1875 MD,MD,MD
190030Claud DHill12 feb 1888 MD,MD,MD
190031George WThomas41 sep 185821 VA,VA,VA
190031Mary LThomas39 jul 18102197MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
190031Calvin GThomas16 apr 1884 MD,VA,MD
190031Grafton EThomas13 jun 1886 MD,VA,MD
190031Margaret JThomas11 jul 1888 MD,VA,MD
190031Florence EThomas10 jun 1889 MD,VA,MD
190031Mary WThomas3 aug 1896 MD,VA,MD
190032William HFisher34 may 1866wd MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
190033William H JrFisher30 sep 18699 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
190033SusanFisher32 apr 1868932MD,MD,MD nn
190033WilliamFisher6 sep 1893 MD,MD,MD
190034John HKey43 jun 18562200MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
190034Ella HKey40 apr 186022 MD,MD,MD
190035JohnKey68 jan 183247 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
190035Ella JKey70 jan 183047124MD,MD,MD nn
190035WilsonKey21 dec 18784 MD,MD,MD
190035LauraKey27d in lawmay 18734 MD,MD,MD
190036ChasMathews80 mar 182023 MD,MD,MD nno
190036Elizabeth AMathews68 may 18322331MD,MD,MD yn
190036Anna MDines82lodgerapr 1818 MD,MD,MD nn
190037Mack SBiggis37headsep 186210 MD,MD,MDfarm laborernnr
190037Blanche HBiggis20 jan 1880 MD,MD,MD yn
190037Hallie SBiggis18 apr 1882 MD,MD,MD yn
190037Earl WBiggis5 jul 1894 MD,MD,MD
190037Vincent SBiggis3 oct 1896 MD,MD,MD
190038SingletonRise30 may 18709 MD,MD,MDfarm laborernnr
190038Francis WRise29 jun 1870911MD,MD,MD
190042BrookeBoyle (W)29 jan 18711 MD,MD,MDfarmer
190042JennieBooze45servantmay 1855 MD,MD,MDhousekeepernno
190042RaymondValentine14servantapr 1886 MD,MD,MD
190042RobertValentine3lodgerfeb 1897 MD,MD,MD
190042Margaret GBoyle (W)5daujul 1894 MD,MD,MD
190043Thomas HGaither (W)31 jan 18694 MD,MD,MDdairy operator o
190043NettieGaither (W)31 may 1869400MD,MD,MD
190043GenevaHammond15servantsep 1884 MD,MD,MDservant
190043HarryLindsay (W)23servantjul 1876 MD,MD,MDdairy laborer
190044ChasBohn (W)38 sep 186116 MD,MD,MDfarmer r
190044Margaret ABohn (W)37 jum 18621611MD,MD,MD
190044Ira CBohn (W)10 sep 1889 MD,MD,MD
190044AnnaFisher12servantmar 1888 MD,MD,MDservant
190046Clinton MBiggus48 jan 185219 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer r
190046IsabelleBiggus38 feb 186219126MD,MD,MD
190046Balsora (fem)Biggus18 aug 1881 MD,MD,MD
190046Blanche BBiggus16 dec 1884 MD,MD,MD
190046Fannie WBiggus12 apr 1888 MD,MD,MD
190046Valley VBiggus10 jul 1889 MD,MD,MD
190046Harry CBiggus9 mar 1891 MD,MD,MD
190048PhillipWhite65 mar 183535 MD,MD,MDday laborer o
190048Francis AWhite54 sep 18453564MD,MD,MD
190048Dennis OWhite26 may 1874 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
190054David WDudderar (W)67 oct 183231 MD,MD,MDfarmer
190054Margaret WDudderar (W)57 nov 18423153MD,MD,MD
190054Albert RDudderar (W)27 nov 1872 MD,MD,MD
190054Valley MDudderar (W)2 nov 1897 MD,MD,MD
190054ElmerHammond25servantmay 1876 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
190054CarrieThomas17servantjul 1882 MD,MD,MDservant
190056James AThomas34 feb 18661 VA,VA,VA
190056Agnes JThomas20 sep 1879111MD,MD,MDday laborer -
190056Edna PThomas1 feb1899 MD,VA,MD
190056AlcindiaThomas88motherjan 1822wd MD,VA,MD nn
190059Doris MClary (W)39 dec 1860s MD,MD,MDfarmer
190059Lena UClary (W)37sisterjun 1862s MD,MD,MD
190059John PWhite29 apr 1871 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
190059HenryDuppins15 mar 1885 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
190059EffieRhine16 may 1884 MD,MD,MDservant
190059SarahShuey (W)72auntaug 1827wd MD,MD,MD
190063John FBudd33 feb 186712 MD,MD,MDday laborer r
190063May FBudd35 apr 18651253MD,MD,MD
190063Louisa MBudd19 may 1888 MD,MD,MD
190063Lester RBudd3 mar 1897 MD,MD,MD
190063Albert VBudd1 mar 1899 MD,MD,MD
190064ChasMiner49 jul 185014 MD,MD,MDday laborernno
190064AdelineMiner48 jan 18521444MD,MD,MD nn
190064MalindaHorey24dauoct 1875100MD,MD,MD
190064EmmaMiner22 aub 1822 MD,MD,MD
190064LuluMiner5 se[ 1894 MD,MD,MD
190064AlbertHorey25s in lawsep 18741 MD,MD,MDday laborer
190065LutherHayes38 mar 186211 MD,MD,MDdairy laborer o
190065RebeccaHayes35 sep 18641164MD,MD,MD
190065Lee BHayes11 oct 1888 MD,MD,MD
190065Fuchsia C (fem)Hayes8 jum 1891 MD,MD,MD
190065Forest B (fem)Hayes4 aug 1895 MD,MD,MD
190065Regnel H (male)Hayes8/12 sep 1899 MD,MD,MD
190066GreenbushDiggs88 dec 18196 MD,MD,MD nno
190066HarietDiggs78 jun 1821600MD,MD,MD nn
190067IsaacBrown30 mar 187010 MD,MD,MD o
190067Ada OBrown29 dec 18701030MD,MD,MD
190067MatildaLaury58m in lawmay 1842wd65MD,MD,MD nn
190068JohnDoweary65 mar 183532 MD,MD,MDday laborer o
190068BeulahDoweary50 apr 185032106MD,MD,MD nn
190068Sarah CDoweary31 oct 1868 MD,MD,MD nn
190068Lucretia VDoweary14 may 1881 MD,MD,MD
190069Lewis ?Bell67 jiul 183242 MD,MD,MDday laborer r
190069Anna SBell73 mar 182742108MD,MD,MD nn
190069HarrisonSanders11gsondec 1888 MD,MD,MD
190070Sinks BPatterson38 mar 186220 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
190070Mary OPatterson42 mar 185820108MD,MD,MD
190070Arthur BPatterson12 may 1888 MD,MD,MD
190070AgnesPatterson10 aug 1899 MD,MD,MD
190070Lewis CPatterson4 oct 1895 MD,MD,MD
190070EdnaPatterson2 may 1898 MD,MD,MD
190071HenryLewis61 dec 183834 MD,MD,MDfarm laborernno
190071MaryLewis65 may 184534117NC,NC,NC nn
190071MarthaLewis18 feb 1882 MD,MD,NC
190071MaryLewis10gdauoct 1889 MD,MD,NC
190072LouisaBudd47 may 18633044MD,MD,MD nn
190072JamesBudd19 aug 1880 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
190072MarieBudd16 feb 1884 MD,MD,MD
190072IsaacJones50broapr 1850s MD,MD,MDblacksmith
190074GeorgeBrown33 may 18632 MD,MD,MDfarm laborernnr
190074JaneBrown21 apr 1879222MD,MD,MD nn
190074EdwardBrown13sonaug 1886 MD,MD,MD
190074SusanBrown10dauapr 1890 MD,MD,MD
190074CharlesBrown4sonsep 1895 MD,MD,MD
190074John WBrown6/12sondec 1899 MD,MD,MD
190087JohnJackson45 sep 185421 MD,MD,MDfence builder r
190087MaryJackson40 mar 18602163MD,MD,MD
190087John HJackson13 mar 1887 MD,MD,MD
190087Ivy RJackson8 may 1892 MD,MD,MD
190088SamuelHill78 jan 1822wd MD,MD,MDgardner r
190093HenryBrown30 apr 18703 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer r
190093RachelBrown26 aug 1873322MD,MD,MD nn
190093laura MBrown6 may 1894 MD,MD,MD
190093Anna IBrown2 jun 1897 MD,MD,MD
190094DenaBudd18 jun 1881s MD,MD,MD o
190094MarthaBudd37mothersep 1862 22MD,MD,MD
190094Richard HBudd6/12 dec 1899 MD,MD,MD
YearHousehold #First NameLast NameAgeReln to headMarried yrstotal no. childrenchildren livingBorn (self, father, mother)OccupationAble to read or writeown or rent home
1910149DennisHoy30 M1 10 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer r
1910149Malinda AHoy33 M1 1000MD,MD,MD
1910150George HHoward26 M1 3 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer r
1910150Minnie AHoward26 M1 311MD,MD,MD
1910150Truman THoward1y 3m MD,MD,MD
1910152Mary EJackson51 wd74MD,MD,MDlaundressyno
1910152IvyJackson17 MD,MD,MD
1910152Orville IJackson6 MD,MD,MD
1910153Charles EBudd45 M1 25 MD,MD,MDodd jobs o
1910153Martha EBudd44 M1 25119MD,US,MD nn
1910153Stanley RBudd9 MD,MD,MD
1910153James HBudd7 MD,MD,MD
1910165Dennis EMyers60 M1 30 MD,MD,MDnonenno
1910165Mary EMyers73 M1 30119MD,MD,MD nn
1910167Adeline AMinor58 M1 2144MD,MD,MDnoneyno
1910167Lulu H AMinor15dau MD,MD,MD
1910167LillianLilly13gdau MD,MD,MD
1910168CoraChambers35 wd66MD,MD,MDhotel waiter
1910168EthelChambers6dau MD,MD,MD
1910168CliftonChambers5son MD,MD,MD
1910168LydiaJones13dau MD,MD,MD nn
1910168Oroneda (fem)Jones9dau MD,MD,MD
1910168EmmaJones2dau MD,MD,MD
1910169Luther MHayes45 M1 20 MD,MD,MDodd jobs o
1910169Rebecca LHayes44 M1 2065MD,MD,MDlaundress
1910169Beverly LHayes19 MD,MD,MDodd jobs
1910169Reginald HHayes13 MD,MD,MD
1910169Archie NHayes10 MD,MD,MD
1910170LavenaSanders40 wd64MD,MD,MDlaundressnn-
1910170RoySanders19 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1910170EdwardSanders14 MD,MD,MD
1910170SusieSanders10 MD,MD,MD
1910171AdaBrown44 M1 2010MD,VA,MDlaundress hotel o
1910172John EDoweary69 M1 42 MD,US,MDlaborer farm
1910172BulyDoweary62 M1 42105MD,US,US nn
1910172Sarah EDoweary41daus MD,MD,MD
1910174HenryLewis75 M2 5 MD,MD,MD nno
1910174Kitty ALewis65 M2 500MD,MD,MDlaundressnn
1910175MaryPatterson48 wd106MD,MD,MDlaundress o
1910175ArthurPatterson22 MD,MD,MD
1910175LouisPatterson14 MD,MD,MD
1910175EdnaPatterson11 MD,MD,MD
1910175MaryBrown80m in lawwd30MD,US,US
1910176IsaacJones52 s MD,MD,MDblacksmith r
1910176IreneBudd11niece MD,MD,MD
1910187John PWhite38 M1 6 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
1910187JennieWhite32 M1 644MD,MD,MD
1910187John PWhite5 MD,MD,MD
1910187Blanche MWhite3 MD,MD,MD
1910187Stewart JWhite2 MD,MD,MD
1910187AustinWhite8/12 MD,MD,MD
1910193William DBarnes (W)31 M1 7 MD,MD,MDfarmer r
1910193Dova MBarnes (W)26 M1 733MD,MD,MD
1910193Evelyn MBarnes (W)6 MD,MD,MD
1910193Mable IBarnes (W)5 MD,MD,MD
1910193Silas JBarnes (W)3 MD,MD,MD
1910193HarryCostley27hiredman MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1910200Benjamin FHarmon (W)59 wd MD,MD,MDfarmer r
1910200EdithHarmon (W)21 MD,MD,MD
1910200Reginald BHarmon (W)17 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1910200VernonDavis18hiredman MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1910203Charles ESmith42 M1 20 MD,MD,MDfarm laborerynr
1910203RachelSmith39 M1 20119MD,MD,MDlaundress
1910203William BSmith23step son MD,MD,MDlaborer
1910203Bessie ESmith13 MD,MD,MD
1910203Edith MSmith11 MD,MD,MDservant priv fam
1910203Elijah BDSmith9 MD,MD,MD
1910203Truman ISmith4 MD,MD,MD
1910203Troly D (male)Smith4 MD,MD,MD
1910203Gladys CSmith1y 5m MD,MD,MD
1910203RachelHayes80ggauntwd20MD,MD,MD nn
1910207George JKoontz (W)37 M1 8 MD,MD,MDfarmer r
1910207ElizabethKoontz (W)35 M1 831MD,MD,MD
1910207William RKoontz (W)3 MD,MD,MD
1910207MaryThomas13servant MD,MD,MD
1910207MonroeKey13hiredman MD,MD,MD
1910208JohnHill48 M1 20 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
1910208Lottie CHill42 M1 2055MD,MD,MDlaundress
1910208Elva MHill25 MD,MD,MD
1910208Elsie LHill8 MD,MD,MD
1910208Charles GHill7 MD,MD,MD
1910208William AHill4 MD,MD,MD
1910209Charles GRichardson48 wd MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
1910210William HSmith60 M2 2 MD,MD,MDfarm laborernno
1910210Maria ESmith57 M2 273MD,MD,MD
1910211John WDuppins30 s MD,MD,MDlaborer cement plant o
1910211AliceDuppins23sisters MD,MD,MD
1910211Lawrence HGoffman1y 2mneph MD,MD,MD
1910212William AValentine40 M1 19 MD,MD,MDlaborer cement plantnno
1910212Sarah EValentine35 M1 1975MD,MD,MDlaundress
1910212Edna IValentine11 MD,MD,MD
1910212Mary EValentine8 MD,MD,MD
1910212Marshall EValentine4 MD,MD,MD
1910213William HGardner29 M1 2 MD,MD,MDlaborer cement plantnnr
1910213Lottie FGardner28 M1 262MD,MD,MDlaundress
1910213Annie MGardner9 MD,MD,MD
1910213Charles HGardner7/12 MD,MD,MD
1910214James AFisher67 M1 46 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
1910214Maria LFisher67 M1 4654MD,MD,MD
1910215SingletonRyan60 M1 27 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
1910215FrancisRyan53 M1 2731MD,MD,MDlaundress
1910215HallieBiggus18gdau MD,MD,MD
1910216Ellen JKey80 wd104MD,MD,MD nno
1910217May EHill78 wd83MD,MD,MD nno
1910217George AHill35 s MD,MD,MD
1910218John HKey53 M1 32 MD,MD,MD o
1910218Ella HKey49 M1 3200MD,MD,MD
1910219George WThomas51 M1 30 VA,VA,VAfarm laboreryno
1910219Mary LThomas49 M1 3097MD,MD,MDlaundress
1910219RosaleeThomas6gdau MD,MD,MD
1910220William HHill60 M1 39 MD,MD,MDodd jobs o
1910220AnnieHill59 M1 3962MD,MD,MDlaundressnn
1910221Weldon AHill34 M1 11 MD,MD,MDlaborer cement plant o
1910221RosaHill29 M1 1153MD,US,MD
1910221WallaceHill8 MD,MD,MD
1910221Maud JHill4 MD,MD,MD
1910221MertonHill2 MD,MD,MD
1910222SomerfiledBiggus49 M1 37 MD,MD,MDlaborer cement plant o
1910222Mary EBiggus42 M1 3744MD,MD,MD
1910222Bernard EBiggus24 MD,MD,MD
1910222Myrtle LBiggus13 MD,MD,MD
1910223JoshuaSundergill (W)70 MD,MD,MDown income r
1910223Nelia ASundergill (W)60 MD,MD,MD
1910223Stanley HSundergill (W)32son MD,MD,MDfarmer
1910223Emma ESundergill (W)27d in law MD,MD,MD
1910223Lillian CSundergill (W)2gdau MD,MD,MD
1910223VincentBiggus13hiredman MD,MD,MD
1910224Richard WRichardson49 wd MD,MD,MDlaborer cement plant o
1910224OliviaMurdock27dauM1 511MD,MD,MDlaundress
1910224Ella HMurdock4gdau MD,MD,MD
1910225CharlesCarter30 US,US,USfarm laborernno
1910225MargaretCarter21 MD,MD,MD
1910226LaveniaBigus72 wd209MD,MD,MD nno
1910227Phillip PWhite75 M1 40 MD,MD,MD nno
1910227Frances EWhite65 M1 4063MD,MD,MDlaundressnn
1910228Thomas E.Fisher41 M1 25 MD,MD,MDfarm laboreryno
1910228Martha JFisher40 M1 25116MD,MD,MDlaundressyn
1910228Nena MFisher15 MD,MD,MD
1910228Nettie MMFisher13 MD,MD,MD
1910228Chester OFisher7 MD,MD,MD
1910228Thurston EFisher5 MD,MD,MD
1910229Clinton CNicodemus (W)48 M1 21 MD,MD,MDfarmer r
1910229Sarah MNicodemus (W)42 M1 2187MD,MD,MD
YearHousehold #First NameLast NameAgeReln to headMarital stateBorn (self, father, mother)OccupationAble to read or writeown or rent home
192012Elizabeth SValentine46 wdMD,MD,MDservant o
192012Edna I?Valentine21 MD,MD,MD
192012Marshall EValentine13 MD,MD,MD
192012Thomas EValentine36uncle MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
192013Charles GRichardson64 mMD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
192013Laura MRichardson58 mMD,MD,MD
192013Charlew AClemons9gson MD,MD,MD
192014John WHill57 mMD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
192014Lottie CHill58 mMD,MD,MD
192014Elva MHill35 MD,MD,MDlaundress
192014Charles FHill17dau MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
192014Elsie LHill18dau MD,MD,MDservant
192014Andrew WHill13gson MD,MD,MD
192014Agnes MBraxton12gdau MD,MD,MD
192014Earnest HBraxton10gson MD,MD,MD
192015William HGardner38 mMD,MD,MDfarm laborernnr
192015Lottie IGardner37 mMD,MD,MD
192015Charley HGardner10 MD,MD,MD
192015Wilbur GGardner8 MD,MD,MD
192015William TGardner6 MD,MD,MD
192015ClaudeGardner24bro MD,MD,MD nn
192016James AFisher76 mMD,US,USwagon driver o
192016Louisa MFisher75 mMD,MD,MD nn
192017Charles CFisher44 mMD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
192017Rebecka EFisher43 mMD,MD,MD
192018MiriaSmith68 wdMD,MD,MDlaundress o
192019Alice LDuppins32? sMD,MD,MDlaundress o
192019Lawrence HDuppins11son MD,MD,MD
192019Leonard EDuppins8 MD,MD,MD
192019Sylvon IDuppins4y 2m MD,MD,MD
192019SingletonDuppins76father MD,MD,MD nn
192020John RDavis37 mMD,MD,MDlaborer cement co.ynr
192020Clara EDavis33 mMD,MD,MD
192020Richard JDavis16 MD,MD,MD
192020Sterling GDavis13 MD,MD,MD
192020Gladys VDavis12 MD,MD,MD
192020ErikaDavis9 MD,MD,MD
192021Jona EKey90 wdMD,VA,MD nnm
192022Mary EHill88 wdMD,MD,MD nnm
192023John HKey63 mMD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
192023Mary EKey60 mMD,MD,MD nn
192023OrvilleJackson16step son MD,MD,MD
192024George WThomas63 VA,VA,VAfarm laborernno
192024Mary LThomas59 MD,MD,MD
192024Mary WThomas23dau MD,MD,MD
192024CharlyCarter30s in law VA,US,USfarm laborernn
192024Clara WCarter4y 5mgdau MD,VA,MD
192024Fannie D.OCarter2y 9mgdau MD,VA,MD
192024Mary RThomas15gdau MD,MD,MD
192025William HHill69 MD,MD,MD
192025AnnieHill68 MD,MD,MD nn
192026Weldon AHill40 MD,MD,MDlime burner-cement plant o
192026RosaHill38 MD,MD,MD
192026Maude JHill13 MD,MD,MD
192026MertonHill12 MD,MD,MD
192026CarlHill9 MD,MD,MD
192026Carrall (male)Hill9 MD,MD,MD
192026BeatriceHill6 MD,MD,MD
192026LoraineHill4y 2m MD,MD,MD
192026AmbroseHill1y 11m MD,MD,MD
192027SummerfiledBiggus59 MD,MD,MDlime burner-cement plant o
192027Mary EBiggus52 MD,MD,MD
192027Myrtle LBiggus23dau MD,MD,MD
192027Walter LBiggus8mgson MD,MD,MDquarryman-cementplant
192028Erun WValentine32 MD,MD,MD o
192028Maggie GValentine32 MD,MD,MD
192028Albert PValentine5 MD,MD,MD
192043Luther MHayes56 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
192043Rebecca LHayes54 MD,MD,MD
192043Reginald HHayes22 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
192043Susie MJHayes18d in law MD,MD,MD o
192043Odgry M (male)Hayes18 MD,MD,MD
192044Albert DHoy45 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
192044Agnes CHoy40 MD,MD,MD
192045Walter HPeterson31 MD,MD,MDteamster-milking co. r
192045Marie APeterson26 MD,MD,MD
192045Delina J (fem)Peterson9 MD,MD,MD
192045Mary CPeterson6 MD,MD,MD
192045Elsie MPeterson3y 8m MD,MD,MD
192046Lewis CPaterson24 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer r
192046Mittie JPaterson22 MD,MD,MD
192046Mary CPaterson63mother MD,MD,MD yn
192047John EDaveary79 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
192047Beulah ADaveary71 MD,MD,MD nn
192048Charles EMinor60 MD,MD,MDfarm laborernno
192048Adline AMinor67 MD,MD,MD nn
192048Leslie HMinor23dau MD,MD,MD
192048Russel JMinor10gson MD,MD,MD
192048Easu NMinor7gson MD,MD,MD
192048Ellanora EMinor4y 10mgdau MD,MD,MD
192048TrumanMinor1y 1mgson MD,MD,MD
192050John WLewis50 MD,MD,NCfarm laborer o
192050Magie CLewis45 MD,MD,MD
192050Dorothy BHyle20dau MD,MD,MDlaundress
192050Royal THyle27s in law OH,VA,VAfarm laborer
192050Royal THyle2y 4mgson PA,OH,MD
192050Ada MBrown49 MD,VA,MDlaundress r
192050WilliamLewis49lodger MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
192060Charles EBudd51 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer o
192060Martha EBudd50 MD,MD,MD
192060Lorn (male)Budd21 MD,MD,MD
192060James EBudd17 MD,MD,MD
YearHousehold #First NameLast NameAgeReln to headown or rent homeEstate valueMarital StateAge first marriedBorn (self, father, mother)Occupation
193075W SnaderBaker (W)38 o 24MD,MD,MDfarmer
193075Helen ABaker (W)35 21MD,MD,MD
193075Nevin SBaker (W)7 MD,MD,MD
193075R HolmesBaker (W)4y 11m MD,MD,MD
193075Senora JBrown14servant MD,MD,MDservant
193075ElsworthBrown17lodger MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
193080Reginal HHayes33 o200 32MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
193080Dorothy VHayes31 30MD,MD,MD
193081Mary EPaterson76 o50wd MD,MD,MD
193081Charles BPaterson50son MD,MD,MDlaborer fruit farm
193082CharlesCarter44 r wd MD,MD,MDlaborer fruit farm
193082Marzella CCarter14dau MD,MD,MD
193082Della LCarter13dau MD,MD,MD
193082Mary LThomas70 MD,MD,MD
193082Mary WThomas34 MD,MD,MD
193082Richard LThomas5nephew MD,MD,MD
193083Melvin FBlack54 runk16 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
193083Emma JBlack60 24 MD,MD,MD
193083James AFisher86 o300wd MD,MD,MDnone
193083Charles CFisher52 wd MD,MD,MDlaborer stone quarry
193098Stanley HSundergill (W)52 o6000 29MD,MD,MDfarmer
193098Betty ESundergill (W)49 26MD,MD,MD
193098Lillian CSundergill (W)22 MD,MD,MDteacher
193098Edw CLindsay11nephew MD,MD,MD
193099Evan WValentine42 o500 24MD,MD,MDfarmer
193099E VirginiaValentine41 23MD,MD,MD
193099Mariah ESmith78mother wd MD,MD,MD
193099Julia CBruner20boarder MD,MD,MD
1930100SummerfieldBiggus70 o300 24MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930100Mary EBiggus63 17MD,MD,MD
1930101Augustus PHoy38 r2.5 25MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930101Hallie MHoy37 23MD,MD,MDlaundress
1930101Elsworth VHoy14 MD,MD,MD
1930101Hattie EHoy11 MD,MD,MD
1930101Effie MHoy7 MD,MD,MD
1930102Ella MRBrown17 un s MD,MD,MD
1930102Thomas GBrown15brother s MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930102Carrie RBrown14sister s MD,MD,MD
1930102Helen FBrown12sister s MD,MD,MD
1930102MildfredBrown9sister s MD,MD,MD
1930102James ABrown10brother s MD,MD,MD
1930103William HHill70 o100wd MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930103EllaCurryHill69boarder wd MD,MD,MDcook priv family
1930104WeldonHill49 o200 21MD,MD,MDlaborer elect co
1930104RosaHill48 17MD,MD,MD
1930104CarlHill19 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930104Carroll (male)Hill19 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930104Loraine (male)Hill15 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930104AmbroseHill12 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930104AlfredHill10 MD,MD,MD
1930104LouiseHill7 MD,MD,MD
1930105John HKey73 o200wd MD,MD,MDlaborer stone quarry
1930106Chester OFisher28 o200 21MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930106Elsie IFisher27 20MD,MD,MDlaundress
1930106Harold EFisher7 MD,MD,MD
1930107Charlotte LRichardson64 o100s MD,MD,MD
1930108Sarah EValentine56 o100wd MD,MD,MDlaundress
1930108William MValentine38 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930109William HGardner48 r3 25MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930109Lottie IGardner48 25MD,MD,MDlaundress
1930109Charles HGardner20 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930109William TGardner16 35MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930117Guy GGarner (W)45 18MD,MD,MDfarmer
1930117Sadie EGarner (W)28 MD,MD,MD
1930117Hazel IGarner (W)10 MD,MD,MD
1930117Paul GGarner (W)8 MD,MD,MD
1930117Ruth EGarner (W)6 MD,MD,MD
1930117Carl EGarner (W)3y 10m MD,MD,MD
1930117Catherine SGarner (W)2y 2m MD,MD,MD
1930117JamesSnowden24boarder/servantr100 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930128Dorsey JGaither (W)29 22MD,MD,MDfarmer
1930128Ruby IGaither (W)29 21MD,MD,MD
1930128John D 3rdGaither (W)7 MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930128NormanHammond19boarder MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930128Thomas GBrown15boarder MD,MD,MDfarm laborer
1930128PaulSnowden13boarder MD,MD,MDfarm laborer